Gigi helped us train our golden retriever puppy, Norman. We were looking to have someone come to our home and work with us to create a loving , safe and positive environment for Norman. She showed us positive ways to teach Norman commands to be a well behaved dog who listened to us. Norman loved Gigi and within a few short weeks we had a puppy who followed our commands .Norman was showing food aggression at meal times and we were desperate to get him to stop. Within a week Norman had stopped all food aggression he had developed using Gigi’s techniques. He is now an 8 month old love, who has excellent manners and knows how to greet our guests politely , shows caution around young children, and is a sweet playful dog. We highly recommend, Gigi as a trainer. She listened to our particular needs and concerns and tailored her training to meet our family needs. She provided articles for us to read as another support reference for us. She called to check in on Norman’s progress in between training sessions. I know you will have just as much success with your dog if you choose Gigi as your trainer. We are so grateful to be able to share everyday with our sweet , well behaved , fur baby, Norman.

Would recommend: Yes




Our family is so grateful for the training we received from Gigi and Unique Souls Canine Training.  Our goldendoodle, Annie, began training with Gigi at 4-months-old. We completed puppy star, pre-Canine Good Citizen (CGC), and now are working on the CGC class with Gigi.  Gigi has also been working with our family privately for lessons in our home and in the community.  We contacted her for private training when Annie needed to learn how to "leave it" instead of taking our toddlers' toys and running away with them!  Gigi was an incredible listener hearing what our family's goals were for Annie and then very thoughtfully came up with a training plan that was realistic, easy-to-follow, and easy to monitor for progress.  We were blown away by how Gigi incorporated our 2- and 4-year old into the training sessions, and how our puppy responds to being told commands by adults and children of all ages.  We are infinitely thankful for our time with Gigi and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Gigi on Annie's therapy certification!




Gigi has been a lifesaver!  Our Boston Terrier, Oscar, has blossomed under her guidance!  She is so patient and so responsive to my questions and concerns.  I am so grateful for her support and advice and I look forward to our continued work!
I highly recommend Gigi!!




You are awesome! Gigi has been our instructor for our 8 month old Labradoodle, Enzo since January of 2021. We started with Puppy Kindergarten and moved on to Pre-canine good citizen and now Canine Good Citizen. Gigi provides awesome constructive feedback to our family regarding all aspects of training . Gigi taught all of our family members how to consistently practice skills in the same manner to ensure Enzo's success. She personalizes instruction for everyone in her classes. Gigi builds our confidence during classes, answers everyone's questions, is cognizant of cues from pups regarding attention span, heat, humidity and even having an off day! We look forward to learning new skills every week and we know if we have any questions we can contact her via email, text or phone. She is an excellent trainer and we trust her with all of our training needs.
Would recommend: Yes

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Georgette is truly a professional and an extremely well qualified dog trainer - she is among the best! Not only did we attend her 6-week training course but also had additional private lessons to help with our little kids. Georgette provided us with a wealth of information for training our dog . We highly recommend Unique Souls Canine!




We called Gigi when we became owners of a 4 year old Tibetan terrier. We loved him from the start but he appeared to have been “raised by wolves”. To make it even more difficult the medication to treat his epilepsy made him a real chow hound. Trying to find a trainer during the pandemic proved to be a difficult task but when Gigi responded and we talked about her philosophy and methods we thought we found the right person. We have never needed a dog trainer in the past and to our delight it turned out to be a wonderful experience. We have seen such a turn around in Flynn’s behavior; he is a “good boy” and we love him even  more. He has manners , obeys on command and is simply delightful. I would highly recommend that you consider hiring Gigi and Mark as your trainers. They are timely, flexible and considerate. They are always professional and concerned about your needs and your dogs needs. They train in low commanding voices and we were so impressed how Flynn started obeying on the first visit. They train with love and respect of your dog and teach you how to be your dog’s leader . We found the perfect trainers for our dog Flynn,  and ourselves. We would highly recommend Gigi to our friends and anyone who would inquire if we knew a dog trainer. 




Mando is a big, lovable, somewhat dopy Rotti. He has come so far with the help of Gigi and Mark. Thank you for being so patient with not just Mando, but all of us. While we have lots of room for more improvement, I couldn't be happier with the training we've received!! Thank you Gigi & Mark!!!
Would recommend: Yes



 Kopan and Athena 

Gigi helped us tremendously with my two pups. Kopan and Athena have learned so much. I needed someone to come to my home because Athena was deathly scared of the car and would get car sick instantly. Gigi was more than happy to help. Athena needed help with basic obedience and coming out of her shell. Gigi helped me build Athenas confidence. Athena is now 7 months old and is coming out of her shell so much more than when we first started. Athena is now confident enough to jump into the car on her own. Gigi also helped me with Kopans basic obedience skills. I highly recommend Gigi as a trainer. She was there to help when I had questions during the week and was always checking in on our progress between training sessions.




 We have had such a great experience with Gigi and Mark! Shortly after adopting our puppy we realized we needed some help with basic obedience. I reached out to Gigi and she was able to schedule a home visit with us right away. She is so patient, positive and knowledgeable. Between training sessions she even texts to check in on how things are going and will offer new suggestions to try! I’m so grateful for Gigi and Mark’s help and would recommend them to anyone in need of a trainer!



Ham and Emmie

We could not be happier with the support we received from Gigi and Mark training our 7 month and 2 year old rescue pups, Ham and Emmie. Ham has high anxiety towards anything beyond our front door and Emmie serves as the protector (sometimes going a bit overboard with her barking). Gigi and Mark were so patient with the dogs and offered us effective advice and strategies. We saw improvements almost immediately, especially with Emmie. What we’ve learned, we’ve been able to apply to many different scenarios to boost Ham’s confidence. Gigi’s mid week check ins were so appreciated as she offered advice to troubleshoot any new challenges or roadblocks that popped up. Her encouragement always put me at ease. We look forward to continuing working with Gigi and Mark at the pack walks they offer. Please consider Unique Souls for unconditional patience, compassion, and guidance!
Would recommend: Yes




Mark and Gigi are amazing. I had taken my golden to group classes and didn’t get the help i needed. I brought my golden to them and after 2 visits i noticed a huge improvement with my puppy. They listen and help really focus on what you need. They check in with you throughout the week and are a phone call away when you have concerns. Im so happy to have found them.Would recommend: Yes




GiGi was like the Dog whisperer with our dog! She helped with food aggression and it has helped a lot! Thanks GiGi!!!
Would recommend: Yes




We loved having Gigi and Mark work with us and our 7 month old Lachon. They were both very patient with us and our puppy. Gigi checked in with me periodically to see how we were doing training our puppy. Our puppy has improved tremendously and I know that if we needed anything else Gigi is just a phone call away. We feel that not only did we get to work with great dog trainers but we also made 2 new friends 😊 We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great dog trainer who is very patient and kind.




Gigi is an AMAZING trainer! She’s incredibly knowledgeable and patient. Blue and I have been working with her (and Mark) for over a year now. From AKC star puppy to CGC, Urban CGC, and ultimately Therapy Dog certification. We can’t wait to take Community CGC in the spring! On a side note, I recently moved from a house into an apartment and Blue had a really difficult time adjusting. She was literally terrified of “apartment living”. It was heartbreaking to see Blue soo stressed and anxious. I turned to Gigi for advice and thanks to her help, Blue is doing soo much better and finally adjusting to her new routine and surroundings! I know she’ll think I’m crazy when she reads this, but Blue and I love her soo much that I’m thinking of asking her to be Blue’s “Dog Godmother”!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾



Molly and Lady

We aren’t even done with our classes yet but I just want to say how fabulous they are! I have two dogs. The 5yo lost all of her social skills thanks to covid. The 1yo reacts poorly to anything that moves that isn’t human (didn’t know that at the time). Georgette and Mark are so patient with my girls. I love that they use positive reinforcement for training. They will never tell me to put a prong or shock collar on them. I’m looking forward to many more classes with them and pack walks to get my girls socialized and we’ll mannered.
If you are THINKING about calling them to get your dog(s) enrolled, DO IT. You will not regret it!

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